I think of painting as an intimate choreography between mysticism and meditation. My goal is to share and capture the joy of zikr, Sufi wayfaringand the tranquillity of meditation in all my work. Ideas of peace and balance manoeuvre between the ecstasy and blossoming that come with a connection to the One. For that reason, I paint loosely and intuitively, as well as with the special care that Islamic miniature requires.

As both a spiritual teacher and student, my art is a personal journey towards the perfection of the soul. My paintings are at once arena and laboratory for my mystical inclinations, as well as the endless journey towards knowledge of presence.

I pay homage tothe Prophets, Sufi Sages, saints and teachers of ancient and universal truths: I owe my practice to their guidance, but most of all, I am grateful for the work they have done in bringing usthis gift from God. 

Fatimah Agha